The K Sandwiches story started over a decade ago when our beloved father first wanted to serve fresh, humble food to the community. Til this day, our family bakery still offers our original recipes as intended.


Hen Tran, our father, brother, uncle, loving husband was instrumental in starting the K Sandwiches family business. Our father sought to make K's a welcoming place.


“He’s still watching over us.”


For 10 years we pursued the happy medium of feeding our loyal customers and trying to keep our prices low and competitive. Rising food costs for high quality ingredients continues to be a struggle but we will never sacrifice quality.


Listening to customer feedback and suggestions, we made subtle changes over the years but still sticking to our philosophy of sourcing the freshest ingredients.


Exactly 10 years later, in August of 2015 our dream was leveled to the ground. Our shopped suffered a total loss after it erupted in flames


A cooking fire started in the oven just before 9 pm. Although tragic, the situation could have been a lot worse, and we are blessed to have our health and the support of the community.


Its been a long process of recovery. There were moments we felt that rebuilding was not an option, but knew it was our father's dream and legacy.


After much deliberation, we knew it was detrimental to continue what he started.

2018 to today

Our family is very happy to be back as we've completely rebuilt at the same corner. Don't let the updated look fool you, we're still sourcing the freshest local ingredients and our bakery is still using our original recipes.